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Changing the fuel injector pump on a M35A2.
Installing new track on a M3 half-track.
Shielded ignition cable installation on an early production AutoCar half-track.
Repairing a Stromberg AAV-2 carburetor.
Repairing a Stromberg AAV-2 carburetor.
Installing the repaired AAV-2 carburetor.
Here is a "Hydro-Vac" being disassembled for rebuilding.
Here is a "Hydro-Vac" going back together.
Here is a “Hydro-Vac” ready for re-installation.
CCKW Tanker
Quad.50 CCKW gun truck
Half-track Jeep concept
On the beach!
M3A1 crew waiting
M4 Mortar Carrier Data Plate
US half-track burning
U.S. Combat Engineers bulldozer
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Replacing the engine on a M35A2.
Installing a "quiet" exhaust system on a M35A2
Reassembly of a Brown-Lipe (Spicer) half-track transmission